Meet the 2020-2021 Michigan Society
President and Senior President
and get a glimpse of the State Project too.

Meet our

State Society

President, Moria Brady!

She is an eager learner and wants to share her passion for remembering all of our POW-MIA’s from all American conflicts.

State Project

The State Project was proposed following the 87th State Conference in February 2020. The “missing man table” is a remembrance and honors the POW-MIA.

Meet our

Senior State Society

President, Deb Davis!

Her support for C.A.R. includes “training good citizens, developing leaders and promoting love of the United States of America and its heritage among young people.”

Meet Madden Brady, M.S.C.A.R. Honorary President, and M.S.C.A.R. Director and Moria Brady’s brother.

Watch a video from National Society Children of the American Revolution…and you will get a few cameo minutes with a younger Madden Brady. The video was made in 2016.


Theme: “Forget Them Not”


We will share more about this on the POW-MIA Project page.




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