Right after the Michigan Warrior Appreciation Rally, we had a Joint Board meeting of C.A.R. Members and Seniors. 

We learned about Parliamentary procedures from Mrs. Stubbs, who serves as the parliamentarian to the State Board of the DAR of Michigan. Confidence with Roberts Rules is essential for emerging leaders exploring the Foundations of Freedom!

We heard about best practices from both a member and a senior from the Lewis Cass Society, which was recognized at our National C.A.R. Conference this year as the best Society in the land. I saw lots of members and seniors taking notes, so I’m sure that all of Michigan’s local Societies are going to benefit from their advice!

Afterward, we had a private after-hours tour of the museum’s displays about the heroes of the Vietnam war. We were surprised to see a display devoted to the father of one of our C.A.R. members – Lt. Col. Max Riekse, who is also a member of both the Sons of the Revolution (SR) and the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR). Mr. Riekse even ran for president twice!