Wow. What a day. Michigan C.A.R. had a booth at the Michigan Warrior Appreciation Rally in Frankenmuth. We presented 30 commemorative lapel pins to Vietnam veterans and on surviving spouse pin to a very grateful (and tearful) widow of a Vietnam veteran.

We gave lots of lapel pins and got lots of smiles and hugs in return.

This Vietnam veteran lost both eyes in the war. We were able to present him with a lasting token of the nation’s gratitude.

This little boy enjoyed trying on a Vietnam War flack jacket and cap at our dress-up station. The flack jacket is really heavy!

I had a chance to talk with Representative Green about how important it is to honor our Vietnam veterans.

C.A.R. members made sandwich boards and walked through the crowds to find veterans and family members who we could honor.

We got lots and lots of signatures on our petition asking the Chair of the Government Operations Committee to call a hearing so that the citizens of Michigan can express their thoughts on House Bill 4735, which would permanently establish March 29 as Recognize Vietnam Veterans Day in Michigan. Because this is an issue that is important to the children of the State, we even allowed children (like this 5 year old) to sign.

C.A.R. members from all across Michigan came “To Honor, To Remember” our heroes.