We had a beautiful drive to Michigan’s upper peninsula, and I ended the day with a joint meeting of Onogominkway DAR and the organizing Lac Vieux Desert Trail C.A.R. Society. “Onogomingkway” is Chippewa for “Ladies of the Lake.” I got to tell them about the National C.A.R. Project and Michigan’s own State Project “To Honor, To Remember” by raising money to put Vietnam veterans on an Honor Flight. The president of Upper Peninsula Honor Flight came to the meeting to learn more about what we’re doing. I most enjoyed getting to spend time with so many prospective C.A.R. members and telling them about all the fun things my brother and I have done in C.A.R.!

My brother and I had so much fun with the LVDT JAC Club (soon to be the LVDT C.A.R. and JAC!)

I shared information about the State and National C.A.R. projects

I shared my visual aid to show how much progress we’ve made toward filling the flight!

I was able to present a lapel pin to this Vietnam veteran who was eating at the same restaurant.