Meet the 2023-2024 Michigan Society
President and Senior President
and get a glimpse of the State Project too.

Meet our

State Society

President, Rodney Modell 

This year, I am challenging each Michigan Society
to look in their areas for organizations or pro
grams that help veterans and volunteer to help in
some way. Volunteering could be as simple as
making and delivering greeting cards; Obtain their
Wish Lists and raise funds to give them their need
ed items; Or organize a service project to help out
at a local veterans facility. There are many ways
that the C.A.R. can help our veterans.

State Project

3The State Project was proposed following the 89th State Conference in March 2022.  Donations will be used for “Battle on the Homefront Memorial.” My
goal for this project is to raise funds for a
Memorial that will honor our MI Veterans who
lost their battle with Depression, PTSD, or issues
from TBI after they returned home from serving
our country.

Meet our

Senior State Society

President, Deb Rakoczy

Her support for C.A.R. includes “training good citizens, developing leaders and promoting love of the United States of America and its heritage among young people.”

State Project: "Battle on the Homefront"

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