Come meet our Local Societies within Michigan Society C.A.R.

Michigan Society is growing.  Each year we add more children within our local societies.  The goal is to have an increase in membership of 3% each year.

Who We Are

We are children between birth and 22 years old. 
We celebrate our veterans, help kids, and volunteer in our communities.

Elias Cady

Located in: Waterford, Oakland County,
Established 2005, Membership = 41
Sr. President = Linda Royse

Fort Dearborn

Located in Dearborn,
Wayne County,
Established 1998, Membership = 32
Sr. President = Diane Gaubatz

John Paul Jones

Located in Detroit,
Wayne County,
Established 1897, Membership = 9
Sr. President = Jeanne Flynn


Located in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County,
Established 1985, Membership = 19
Sr. President = Elizabeth Kraatz

Lac Vieux Desert Trail

Located in: Marquette,
Marquette County,
Re-Organized 2019, Membership = 10
Sr. President = Heather Modell

Le Grande Traverse

Located in Traverse City,
Grand Traverse County,
Established 2010, Membership = 10
Sr. President = Heather Pineda

Lewis Cass

Located in Bay City,
Bay County,
Established 1913, Membership = 47
Sr. President = Dawn Brady

Lexington Alarm

Located in Royal Oak,
Oakland County,
Established 1983, Membership = 30
Sr. President = Deborah Davis

Lieutenant (Lt.) Isaiah Fuller

Located in: Mt. Clemens,
Macomb County,
Established 2004, Membership = 12
Sr. President = Randi Mathieu

Mark and Henry Schell

Located in Lapeer,
Lapeer County,
Established 2013, Membership = 11
Sr. President = Madolin Barry

Moses Clark

Located in Grand Rapids,
Kent County,
Established 2016, Membership = 13
Sr. President = Lucy McCall